Practice Champions Forum – Report from Discussion December 2014

Notice to patients – Clinical Letter Communication Failure – For information only!

 We recently suffered a document system error caused by a fault in the IT systems software which resulted in a backlog of a number of hospital discharge summary letters, safeguarding reports and MARAC reports. This means that letters which are usually forward electronically to the GP in a timely manner have instead been stored on the system for a longer period of time. All of the letters have since been reviewed and there were no incidents of harm to any patients as a result of this.  Approximately 60 letters/patients were included. If there had been any issues our first priority would have been to contact individuals, however if you have been waiting for follow up care and are at all concerned that your letter has been missed please contact us for investigation


Oxford Terrace and Rawling Road Medical Group

Practice Champions/Forum

Report from Discussion of Local Survey Findings

December 2014



Patient Representatives

Linda Robinson, Susan Walker, Teresa Morley, Gwen Smith, George Smith, George Mcgee, Derek Sibley, Romela Deonanan, Patricia Lumsden, , Terry Nicholls, Gabriel Marks, Christine Headley


There were no apologies


Practice Representatives

Sheinaz Stansfield: Practice Manager, Audrey Youngson Receptionist


Involvement Process

Patient Survey Questionnaires were handed out at the Flu Fair in October 2014 by the Practice Champions/PPG.  The practice started the Practice Champion Programme in May 2014 and this had significantly increased numbers attending the forum and was a better representation of the practice demographic group.


In addition the following methods had been used to engage with patients:


  • 500 patients texted and invited to join practice champions and forum;
  • Engagement event with young people with type one diabetes, out of 9 patients 2 engaged;
  • All patients who had made a complaint to the practice were spoken to and invited to join the forum;
  • A questionnaire handed to patients at reception at both RR and OTMG sites, and;
  • Posters and patient screens at about sited advertising the patient forum.
  • Rawling Road Summer Promotion Fair/CCT


Outcomes of the patient survey were discussed at the meeting on and the following were agreed as priorities.



Following discussion at the PRG the following were identified as priorities for 2014/15.


Action Timescales Responsibility Comments
clinics to be reviewed to consider better allocation across the two sites

baby clinic, inr,physio, midwives


Within 12 months following merger SS/PG Physiotherapy and counseling transferred to RR
Premises maintance RR site to support additional clinical capacity


Work programme agreed with landlords SS/PG Discussions ongoing at partner meetings
Difficulty booking appts at – more access


December 2014 CSa/MH
Update practice website


January 2015 CSa/MH
Increase practice champions


Dec 2014 SS Third cohort planned
Christmas dinner for the lonely and vunerable Dec 2014 KW/SS/AY/TM Arrangements to be finalized
Review surgeries at RR to reduce excessive over run Feb 2015 SS/PG Now that all urgent care work done at OTMG site there should be reduction in overrun of surgeries



Next Steps

  • Area Team to be informed of the outcomes
  • Practice Champions/PRG to be held monthly to ensure continuous engagement with continuous quality improvement
  • SS to produce report and submit to Area Team and upload to website


Kay Wannop

January 2015

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