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GP Interests

GP Interests

Below is a list of our Practice GP medical interests and responsibilities. Although we have special interests, we are all General Practitioners trained in providing healthcare for adults and children.

Dr J Barker
Joint injections
Dermatology – skin problems including rashes skin lesions and hair and nail problems
Minor Surgery
Ears, Nose and Throat

Dr J Farrow
Minor surgery procedures (joint injections and aspirations, carpal tunnel injections, toenails, cysts, lipomas, moles, skin tags, xanthelasmata)
Drug Addiction Therapy
Nursing Home Link GP one day per week
Elderly Health Care
GP Trainer

Dr M Houseman
Diabetes Care
Clinical Research

Dr P Young
Minor surgery
Joint injections
Contraceptive implant insertions
Drug Addiction Therapy
Mental Health Care
Contraception including contraceptive implants but not including coils
Fitness and physical training – qualified personal trainer
Elderly Health Care
Nursing Home Link GP one day a week Nursing Home Link GP one day a week

Dr A Greenham
Drug Addiction Therapy

Dr C Snell
GP Trainer
Sexual Health Lead
Family Planning – Coils and implants and ring pessaries.
Joint injections – shoulder, elbow and trochanteric bursitis only
Respiratory Lead

Dr P Grainger
Cardiovascular Disease Management of Risk Factors (strokes, heart attacks and narrowing of arteries in the legs)
Atrial Fibrillation
Heart Failure
Management of Complex Problems of the Frail and Elderly
Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Dr S Slyderink
Nursing Home Link GP one day a week
Joint injections
F2 Supervisor

Dr T Mittal

Dr T Rana
House of Care Lead (Long term conditions)
Medical Students

Dr A Klottrup
Nursing Home Link GP one day a week
Elderly health care

Dr T Chan

Dr S Pryke

Nursing Homes

Dr Simon Slyderink

Aspen Court

Dr John Barker


Dr John Farrow

St Marks Court

Dr Peter Young

Rosewood House / Armstrong House

Dr Mark Houseman

St Cuthbert’s House

Dr Alex Moore

Springfield House

Dr Alexander Klottrup

Philips Court / Alderwood